Considering classes || Edition 1
Do you want to know more about some classes? Wondering what's the subject exactly? Or just want to aknowledge yourself? Considering classes will be your new favorite blog!

- From : Aloïs Brewer

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Lilith Arabella

Lilith Arabella oop its a very interesting class!! make sure to stop by^^ also lovely blog

Åse Morgan-Aedirne

Åse Morgan-Aedirne Yaay

Lena Arabella

Lena Arabella Thank you for having me! and go do Careers homeowork^^

Altair Davis

Altair Davis Ooh Levi, Lena - this is briliant!

Victoria Dvorak

Victoria Dvorak It’s an amazing interview! Great work in collaboration Levi and Lena

Amaris Hart

Amaris Hart Amazing! It was lovely to learn more about you, Lena! Although I will have to say *Cough* Daunless is the best *Cough* <3 But I just might have to start taking your class!

Emily Windfall

Emily Windfall Wow, Careers sounds like a fun class! Go join!!!

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